At BK Performance we have been automotive enthusiast since we were kids. We started as a group of friends which evolved into a family with a passion for performance. It all began in a one bay garage working on old sports cars after work and school. As time progressed we became known in our local area for custom and performance work. We soon acquired quite a few extra parts laying around as well. After realizing we wanted to turn our hobby into a full time business we went to a local Technical college and got some formal training while wrenching on anything we could find that was cool and selling the extra parts to pay our way.   

After a few years of college and multiple degrees in the automotive field we decided it was time to put our knowledge to work full time. So we opened up our shop selling parts, doing custom engine swaps, performance parts installs and pretty much whatever there was a demand for.

When the Ls engines became popular and readily available we where one of the first shops around to start swapping them into other chassis and doing everything we could think of to extract all of the horsepower we could get out of them. Here at BK Performance and the 606 Speedshop we not only sale parts but we take pride in what we do because it has been a life long passion of ours. When you buy from us you are not buying from some corporation with a sales pitch, your buying from automotive enthusiast just like yourself with a life long passion for custom vehicles and performance.

How We Got Started